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Jun 10

Great Leadership Continues! Centralina WDB Elects Officers!

The Centralina Workforce Development Board has elected new officers for the upcoming year (July 1,2010 to June 30,2011). At its June 8,2010 meeting,the Board was presented a slate of nominations and they unanimously approved Bob VanGorden

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Jun 01

A Survival Guide for the Unemployed

Liz Weston at MSN recently wrote a wonderful article on how to survive being unemployed." Below is just an snippet"of her great tips,to find the whole article please click the link at the very bottom of

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Feb 11

Let Us Help You Train Your Workforce!

The Incumbent Worker Training Program offered through the Centralina Workforce Development Board (WDB) has undergone some changes for this round of applications. A new application and supporting documents have been released for this round; all forms

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Jan 20

Mind Your BlackBerry or Mind Your Manners

For the first half-hour of the meeting,it was hardly surprising to see a potential client fiddling with his"iPhone,said Rowland Hobbs,the chief executive of a marketing firm in Manhattan. At an hour,it seemed a bit much. And

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